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Charge Standard of Hangzhou Yuezi Center


In today's society, when economic conditions permit, many Baomo choose to go to the Moon Center to sit in the Moon when they finish their childbirth. Let professionals take care of themselves and their babies so that they have enough time to rest and their babies can be taken care of well. The most important thing is to reduce the troubles of the family. Generally, most people have their mother-in-law or their mother-in-law to take care of their mothers. However, both mother-in-law and mother-in-law take care of their mothers according to their previous concepts, which will inevitably lead to our poor care, and their mother-in-law and mother-in-law are old and not very professional. So it is a wise choice to go to the Moon Center to sit on the Moon. So how much does it cost to go to the Moon Center?


Due to geographical and other reasons, the prices of monthly centers in each region will be different. But generally speaking, price is the direct manifestation of service quality, and the prices of different service quality are certainly uneven. Therefore, the price of Yuezi Center is proportional to its service. Never choose a bad Yuezi Center because of its low price.


Choosing a good Yuezi Center in Hangzhou requires a multi-to-one nursing team consisting of senior mother and child nurses, star-rated private kitchens, and postpartum rehabilitation physiotherapists to provide 24-hour high-quality, comprehensive and personalized postpartum care services. A kind of



1. Mother and baby in the same room: Because of the different regions, some places will still adopt "baby centralized management", but it will not be so in Emma Xinyue Hall. Baby and mother sleep in the same room, increase mother-child emotional exchanges, give the baby enough sense of security... _


2.24-hour monthly sister-in-law care service: the birth of a baby consumes most of the mother's energy, and rest becomes particularly important after childbirth, but the baby is always crying and can not let the mother worry about rest, what to do? Provide 24-hour monthly sister-in-law service, help the mother coax the baby, adjust the baby's rest time. Not only can mothers sleep soundly at night, but babies sleep soundly at night.


3. Breast Nursing: During the month, correct breast-feeding guidance and nursing will be given, such as breast opening, breast distention, nipple depression, flat or cleft using instruments or artificial treatment. Provide professional lactation assistant if necessary.



Postpartum care and physiotherapy: October pregnancy will cause some damage to the mother's body, many mothers will be bothered by body deformation or weakening of various functions of the body after giving birth to their babies. In a good month center, there will be a postpartum restorer to formulate a postpartum rehabilitation program for you, such as: postpartum prevention and alleviation of postpartum hair loss, Chinese medicine foot soaking, Chinese medicine fumigation, dispelling lower limb edema, full moon sweating, postpartum yoga, etc. Help you to recover, if you have any questions, you can tell them oh ___________.


5. Postpartum entertainment: The Moon Center will do some activities, such as postpartum yoga, manual DIY and so on, irregularly during the period of sitting in the Moon. Sitting on the moon can not only restore the body and take care of the baby, but also make friends with the same interests here. Women who have given birth to a baby should also have their own rich life!.


As for the comparative price, the most important thing is to choose a suitable month center.


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